written by B. Cashel-Smith and illustrated by Jasmine Hobbs


Book Read
I present a PowerPoint slide show with the corresponding pictures of my books There’s children participation in the story and the session concludes with a fun craft activity. Recommended for ages 3 yrs. – 10 yrs. (Running Time: 45mins – 60mins)

Two options of Interactive Workshops

• How A Book Is Made

Australian Curriculum Codes that my workshops maybe relevant for are:

The ‘How A Book Is Made’ talks about the journey an idea takes to become a book. It begins with the Idea > Writing the story > Manuscript > Sending to Publisher > Editing > Book Design > Proofing > Final Product = Book.

Recommended for Reception to Primary Years (Running time 45mins – 60mins)

• Express Yourself – Find the Writer Inside You!
Australian Curriculum Codes that my workshops maybe relevant for are:
ACELY1695 /ACELY1704/ACELA1508,1512

‘Express Yourself’ talks about how to expand sentence structures by using Active verbs and nouns. I use Improvisation and Acting Techniques to stimulate the children’s creative thought processes.

Recommended for Primary Years to Middle Years (Running time 45mins – 60mins)

Please contact me via email on eb.bunnyhop@gmail.com or phone 0466 786 761, if you would like more information about these workshops. We are currently taking bookings.

A SAMPLE OF MY REVIEWS - St Joseph’s School –West Hindmarsh
The group (yr3-yr5) was enthralled and mesmerized from the first word. When discussing the process of writing, Bernadette was also able to inspire the children on their own writing journey.
-Kathleen Melis, Key Literacy and Classroom Teacher