written by B. Cashel-Smith and illustrated by Jasmine Hobbs

About the Book

Oscar is a very special bunny who lives in a magical town. One day he stumbles across Matilda and George – human children! What’s a bunny to do? 

He trusts them with a vital secret and recruits them to help against the mischievous hares. All are lead through a bush, to jump into a tunnel, arriving at an enchanted wooden door. Behind this door is a world only dreams are made of!  

Oscar realises, their arch rivals, those rascal hares, must have taken the magical key. So with the help of his new friends Matilda and George and that of his brother, Clive and the Head Fairy Missie, the race is on to track down the hares and search for the missing magical Easter key. 

Will Oscar save Easter? 

During this adventure we learn how loyalty in friendship is honourable and by helping others and being honest; good can triumph!

Clive and Oscar from the book Is The Secret Safe?